About Us

Colleen Teevin, Owner and Baker

Cloverstone Gluten Free Bakery was opened in December 2011 by baker Colleen Teevin.

In 2001, Colleen began developing strange symptoms that left her frustrated and perplexed. After 2 years of visiting specialists regarding her vertigo, constant fatigue, brain fog and arthritis, a friend suggested Colleen take a close look at her diet. After completely removing gluten from her diet, her symptoms disappeared within a week, and the idea for Cloverstone was born. Cloverstone began as a wholesale kitchen for fresh muffins, cookies, brownies, frozen pizza and dinner rolls, but in 2016 Colleen sold the fresh line to a local bakery and focused Cloverstone on the frozen pizza crusts and dinner rolls.

Cloverstone pizza crusts and dinner rolls are available in many Rocky Mountain region pizza shops and grocery stores. If you’d like to see them near you, visit our Order  page for more information.